Community Update 2022-02

Howdy Neighbor! Just a quick note from The Park At Prince Homeowners Association.

🎆 Happy New Year

It might be a bit chilly outside, but the Park At Prince Homeowners Association Board of Directors wishes you a warm happy new year. 

🚛 Upcoming construction on Shepherd and Durham

Starting in 2022, the Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority and Texas Department of Transportation will ramp up renovations of Shepherd and Durham from 610 to I10, including the side streets of 14th and 15th street just to our North. Improvements will include a reduction of lanes, new pavement, additional pedestrian and bike zones, and TREES!

To find out more about this upcoming construction, visit https://memorialheightstirz5.com/projects/shepherd-and-durham-major-investment-project/

🚰 Late fees for water bills start in March 2022

In order to keep the community’s books in order and ensure continuing water services from the City of Houston, outstanding balances of $100 or more will carry a 10% monthly late fee starting in March 2022. We encourage you to square up your water bills promptly to avoid this late fee.