Community Update for 2023-12

Howdy Neighbor! Just a quick note from The Park At Prince Homeowners Association.

📆 Community Meeting on December 20 at 6pm

Please join us for a follow-up community meeting on Dec 20 at the nearby Heights Beirgarten. Food and a drink to be provided by our Elite Association Management, our HOA management company. We will be covering community finances, rate increases from vendors, new policies, and community concerns.

🚰Check & repair your water meters

Our water billing vendor has reported an increased number of water meters being inaccessible or unreadable. As a result, many water bills were estimated over the last few months. In order to get accurate billing, please clear the area around your meter. If your meter is not functioning correctly, contact a professional plumber for an assessment of repairs. Your water meter is your responsibility.

👷 Drive carefully in work zones on Shepherd and Durham

Please drive carefully and obey temporary speed limits and lane changes on Shepherd and Durham streets while they are under construction. Workers in these zones appreciate you giving them a brake.

For more information about the renovations of Shepherd and Durham, check out…

For the latest updates on traffic diversion and construction activity, check out…

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