Water and waste-water are important utilities. Park At Prince buys its water services from the City of Houston and sub-meters it to each home in the community. As a result of this structure, and the fact that water bills are associated with the property not the homeowner, you may have a confusing water bill assessment.

New in 2022-03

Starting in 2022-03, outstanding balances of $100 or more will be assessed a 10% late fee. For questions about this late fee, or to seek an exception because you have payment arrangement, please contact the email addresses available What can I do? section below.

Leaving your water bill unpaid could mean that the entire community’s water gets shut off. Thank you for paying your water bills as they arrive.

Park at Prince Homeowners association Board of Directors

What can I do?

First, clear the access to your water meter. Your meter is typically read monthly by the team from our billing vendor. If they are unable to reach or read your water meter, your bill will be estimated based on previous months.

Next, assess your water meter for repairs. Your water meter is your responsibility and most professional plumbers can help you fix or replace your water meter to ensure that it’s tracking your usage correctly. If a repair or replacement will require temporarily disabling water to the community, please send a note to parkatprince@gmail.com so that the neighborhood can be informed prior to the downtime.

Finally, you may reach out to our HOA Management representative, Patrica Ortiz with EAM (portiz@eamhouston.com) to get specific advice about your situation or to Hocutt (our water billing vendor) by contacting Liz Rodriguez (liz@hocutt.com). Many residents have had success requesting account adjustments or meter re-reading!

Ready to pay your balance? Now you can manage your water bill through eliteassociationmanagement.org. Contact parkatprince@gmail.com for the community ID.