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What’s nearby?

Glad you asked. Check out what’s nearby »

When is trashed or recycling picked up?

Trash is picked up Tuesday Mornings and Friday Mornings.

Recycling is picked up Friday Mornings.

Heavy trash or Tree trash is picked up on the 3rd Wednesdays, read more »

REMEMBER: Services like trash and recycling can vary thanks to the pandemic. If you find that your trash hasn’t been picked up when you expected it, please be patient. Do not leave you trash out longer than an additional 24 hours.

When is our association fees assessed and due?

Association fees are assessed yearly. You can expect fees to arrive at the beginning of the calendar-year.

How does water billing work?

Our water is provided by the city to the HOA, which then sub-meters it to each property. You will receive a water bill every month which is measured by our metering company.

Important: Stay on top of your water bills. Failure to pay a water bill could threaten the water to the entire community. Have a confusing balance? »