What is it?

  • Parking on internal streets in Park at Prince must be banned due to city code enforcement.


  • City code enforcement requires the full width of these internal streets in order for emergency vehicles (ambulance, police, fire department, hazard response, maintenance etc) to access all homes, yards, and easements where emergencies could occur.

Why Now?

  • The city performed a routine code enforcement check in Sept 2023 and HOA Management was contacted seeking compliance actions. Residents’ vehicles were given warnings seeking the creation of ‘right of way’ for emergency vehicles. The HOA Board decided on this policy to ensure the safety and emergency access for all residents…as well as avoid vehicles being regularly towed by the city.

Who does this apply to?

  • All homeowners, tenants, renters, occupants and residents of Park at Prince

What are the ‘internal streets’?

“Internal streets” refers to… 

  • …the cross street found between Prince St (extension) and W 13th (extension) found in the geographic center-middle of Park At Prince
  • …the entrance road leading from Prince Street onto the internal Prince Street extension
  • …the extension of W 13th street at the southeast of the property where an emergency gate prevents entry to Nashua Street

All streets marked in red on this map are considered “internal streets”.

What exceptions exist?

  • Loading and unloading may occur on internal streets, so long as the vehicle is moved promptly afterwards. Please be ready to move your vehicle by request so that other residents may enter or exit. 

Where is acceptable additional parking if our garages aren’t enough?

  • You may park along the external streets (Prince Street, W 13th Street).  
  • Please park flush with any railroad ties and tightly with other vehicles in order to make space for traffic and maximize available parking space.
  • Please do not park in such a way as to prevent other vehicles from leaving.

NOTE: The property north of Park at Prince at the corner of W 13th at Prince Street is private property and not a member of the HOA. They have been known to tow cars when they want that property cleared. It is not a suggested additional parking area. Park there only at your own risk.

How is this community policy rolling out?

  • This parking policy will be rolled out in phases:
    • PHASE 1 Announcement and Publication – During this phase, all residents & tenants will be notified of the upcoming policy change. Residents & Tenants are encouraged to begin complying with the new policy now.
    • PHASE 2 Soft Enforcement – During this phase, notes will be placed on vehicles found parked on internal streets. The note will inform the owner of acceptable parking spaces. The note will include acceptable parking locations and warn of upcoming phases of the roll out. 
    • PHASE 3 Hard Enforcement – In the last and final phase of rollout, City Code Enforcement will place citations on vehicles with a deadline to repark the vehicle. Towing or fining by the city may occur at the owner’s expense.
  • NOTE: City Code Enforcement may enforce parking independently of HOA actions. The HOA Board advises you to begin complying with this new policy immediately to avoid running foul of the city. 
  • The HOA Board and Management will be requesting the Houston Fire Department deploy signage and street paint to indicate that no parking is allowed in these areas during Phase 2-3.